Real Life - Honest Moments -




I'm obsessed with capturing ALL the BIG & TINY details that make you FAMILY. Laughter, joy, smiles, tears, baby clinging to Mama's hip - twirling moms hair between her tiny fingers. Real life moments.

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Hold each other close. Like you never want to let go. And I will capture your true love story in all it's epic, beautiful, messy glory that you'll fall in LOVE all over again!

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My true PASSION in life is to CREATE! To find beauty EVERYWHERE. To imprison emotion in its raw entity & freeze it in time. To capture timeless moments, tiny voices, & hair blowing in the wind. 

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fashion & dECOR

All that keeps coming to mind is Madonna and the song "Strike a Pose". Give me COLOR. Give me FUN. Give me STYLE - TEXTURE - LAYERS. Just GIVE IT TO ME!

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