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Hello! I'm Megs ⋒ 

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Let me take you on a quick tour of my social media journey. A decade ago, I dove head first into a universe of social media, armed with a love for storytelling, photography, & community. 

I knew there was more to social media than just pretty pictures. It was about crafting narratives, understanding the algorithm, & staying one step ahead of the trends. Over the years, my passion for visual storytelling & all things pretty evolved into a strategic approach to mastering the social media world.

Beyond the aesthetics, my focus has always been on fostering genuine connections. I've had the amazing opportunity of cultivating and growing numerous social communities and brands, sharing insights on how to transform followers into engaged communities and turn social media into a powerful tool for businesses.

Oh... did I also mention that I'm here to show you guidance, love, hope, a path, a fresh start, a friend, a space to feel safe in and your always + forever cheerleader in life?! Because I'm that, too. ;)

-dean Jackson

"...She dances to the songs in her head, speaks with the rhythm of her heart, and loves from the depths of her soul..."